Storyboard: Falyn – The Debut EP

Storyboard/Falyn – EP Commercial


SCENE 1 – 

Props: table, iPad

Setup: scene will be a series of fast-moving, “Vine” style shots of unlocking iPad and logging on to iTunes. The Falyn EP will be selected, purchased and then played.


SCENE 2 – 

Props: headphones, actor/“fan”

Setup: The scene will start with the fan listening to the intro of “All You Do Is Take” by Falyn, and then show the fan dancing, shamelessly, to the song after it picks up. This will go until right before the chorus 1 outro.


SCENE 3 – 

Props: digital media(applies to 4-5)

Setup: Title sequence stating, “The Debut EP.”


SCENE 4 – Logo roll by


Scene 5 – Image of the EP cover, which then pulls out to reveal availability of EP “wherever digital music is sold.”